Online dissemination event by Alternativi

During an online meeting organized in the beginning of May 2020, Georgi Kuzmanov – project coordinator for KA2 “’SustaiNEET’’ presented the project idea, it’s outcomes and activities as well as he presented to the youth workers attending the meeting the Comparison State of Art of youth workers and NEETs report which purpose was to identify the current situation that youth workers face in their everyday practice when working with NEETs. In addition all members who attended the online conference call participated in the survey so they were quite interested in the key findings.

After the presentation a short discussion was initiated around the questions “What is the single most important recommendation you could offer that would most benefit NEET youth?” where the participants highlighted the importance of acquiring digital skills specifically as recommendation given by a big number of respondents in the survey. Another major recommendation was for joining NGOs on national level and taking part in non-formal education activities to encourage personal and professional development, social and civic skills, broaden network, etc.