Dissemination event in Spain

In the beginning of September, 2020, Francesco Ruberto, president of Asociación PROJUVEN and coordinator of KA2 “SustaiNEET” project, had the chance to organize a workshop for young people interested on empowerment of disadvantaged youth and NEET.

During the workshop, he shared with the public the results of the Comparison State of Art of youth workers and NEETs report which purpose was to identify the current situation that youth workers face in their everyday practice while working with NEETs group.

Moreover, the online MOODLE platform and the e-learning courses elaborated within the SustaiNEET partnership were presented to the group as well as youth got to know more about the information contain in all four modules. A special focus was put on the current issue “how to limit the negative effects of the economic and COVID-19 crisis on NEET”.

Participants were invited to subscribe to the platform and take the e-learning materials as well as to share them with other youth workers, volunteers and in general, young people interested in the topic.