Competences needed by youth workers working with NEETs

A youth worker is a person who helps young people with their personal, social and educational development in an informal and non-formal setting using educational processes, care and leisure approaches.

Patience, creativity and energy are among the essential qualities that youth workers working with NEETs youth should have. Creativity can help youth workers to find a new way of addressing the challenging situations and find different researching tools and methods depending on the circumstances. Moreover, some of the general competences include also team working, problem solving, communication, organizational and planning skills.

Often youth workers working with NEET youth, will have to plan their educational, sport, social and cultural activities which are aimed to develop them in personal and professional plan. Creating conditions for the intellectual development of particularly talented young people in various fields is a very important part of the youth work. Another important activity is the networking and interpersonal relationships with young people at risk, providing reliable information on the risks they may face, and places where they can get help and support in organizing youth initiatives. Youth workers need to know how to support these young people in the social and vocational areas as well as support them in finding suitable educational or job position.

Youth workers have a crucial role to play in mentoring young people through challenging situations they may face in their lives. Moreover, they can provide counselling for young people and prepare and deliver activities that tackle particular issues such as crime, drugs, bullying, ets. Youth workers should be able to see the needs and interests of young people at risks and involve them in informal and non-formal activities, suitable for their situation.